Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Galbraith on the Dismal Science: Who Are These Guys, Anyways?

A great piece that condenses - like a storm cloud fueled by the sudden collision of two furious frontal systems that meteorologists didn't even have on their radar screens - and crystallizes both the litany of failures of "mainstream" neo-Keynesian, Supply-Side, Monetarist, and Austrian School economists AND the chorus of heretofore ignored voices who got it right on the financial collapse & the ensuing Great Recession of 2007-2009 (and its continuing aftermath).

In far deeper detail than Krugman has offered in his polemic NY Times article (which I have linked in an earlier blog posting), James K. Galbraith treats us to the still-largely-unknown-and-ignored newcomers who may be able to teach us something new... and, maybe, just maybe, point us towards fresh policy ideas that may lead us out of this mess.

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  1. If you could only read just one article on economics this decade, this might just be the one!