Friday, September 30, 2011

China Venture Is Good for GE but Is It Good for U.S.? -

China Venture Is Good for GE but Is It Good for U.S.? -

As awkward as it is for me to reference anything coming from the Wall Street Journal, this article is noteworthy.

Beggar thy neighbor is not a responsible international trade/foreign relations policy for the world's second largest economy.

If China is going to continue to operate in the world economy using an aggressive, self-serving national industrial policy that disadvantages the rest of the world -- not to mention currency manipulation that pegs the yuan/renmimbi to the dollar at undervalued levels that advantage their exports & disadvantage their imports, which only exacerbates our current account trade deficits [which, in turn, reduces US GDP] -- then:

Why do we grant them most favored nation trading status?
Why aren't they sanctioned by the WTO, the complaints addressed, and redress made for the unfair imbalances?
Why are they even allowed into the WTO?
Should we adopt our own self-serving national industrial policy?

I need to investigate & ponder further...

But I already know what my gut is telling me.

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